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Curriculum Vitae

Applied Physical Geography and Geosciences
Specialist for Geographic Information Systems

Information Systems Environmental data modeling Webmaster Intranet and Internet applications (WWW)Public Information SystemSoil awareness conceptsEnvironmental impact assessment and studiesDatabase and software managementGeographic Information Systems (GIS)Soil protection and soil sciencesMonitoringField analysisCartographyEnvironmental protection programsProject and quality management (QM)Research projects

1973 - 1977 Martin Luther primary school, Brühl
1977 - 1983 Six-form high school, Brühl
1983 - 1986 Max Ernst Gymnasium, Brühl

Civil Service
08/1986 - 03/1988 Hospital service, Marienhospital, Brühl


10/1988 - 09/1991 Anthropological and Physical Geography, University of Köln
10/1991 - 03/1997 Applied Physical Geography, University of Trier

Diploma: Data collection and evaluation in nature protection and conservation
Example of an environmental impact study
Case study on the development and electrification of the railway route between Lebach and Wemmetsweiler (Germany, Saarland)


Internship and Assistence
08/1991 - 09/1991 Biological-Ecological Station Mosenberg, Bettenfeld:
Environmental internship: River quality monitoring, bathymetrical lake cartography

07/1993 - 10/1993 Planning Community Region Trier:
administrative internship: Soil information database on planning literature and scientific results

02/1994 - 03/1994
Forest Laboratory Rhineland-Palatinate (German: Rheinland-Pfalz), Tripstadt:
Research internship: long term forest monitoring, field analysis of soils, soil monitoring and soil cartography

02/1998 - 03/1998 Office for landscape ecology, Neunkirchen/Nahe:
internship on geographic information system: operations with GIS and data management, cartography


05/1995 - 02/1996
Juhre & Boxleitner, Engineer's office, Trier:
Drilling aid, surveyor, refuse dump investigation

10/1995 - 04/1996
Environment Technique Saar Kocks Schwarz, Saarbrücken:
Biotope mapping, landscape planning, hazard analysis on military sites

12/1996 - 11/1997
Engineer's office for building ground and geotechnics, Trier:
Drilling aid, Soil Scientist

03/1997 - 05/1997
Office for landscape ecology, Neunkirchen/Nahe:
Species and biotope protection program, GIS application, environmental studies on impacts of planned wind park areas, CAD and visualisation


Training courses, seminars
03/1997 - 03/1998 Training course "Specialist for Geographic Information Systems, Technology Transfer Trier
09/2001 Seminar - Quality management
09/2003 Seminar - Project management


Professional activity
03/1998 - 04/1999 Geoscientist und GIS-Specialist, Office for landscape ecology, Neunkirchen/Nahe:
Environmental planning, Environmental Impact assessment, GIS in regional planning, concepts for tourism

05/1999 - 11/2003 Federal environmental Agency, soil department, section soil status, -functions and -use:
Expert system on soil protection, German Soil Information System, database management, soil data modeling, webmaster for intranet and internet soil information websites, public information system on soil topics, projects to enhance soil awareness

since 09/2002 Freelance activities

07/2003 - 03/2007 Federal environmental Agency, Air Department, Section Emission Situation:
Specialist for ZSE Applications, German Emission Factor database GEREF, coordinator for fugitive emission sources in the national inventory.

01/2008 - University of AppliedSCiences, IT Department / CIO assistant:
Web based informations systems and applications.






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